The MetaMasters offers a programme of web-based master classes (comprising pre-recorded lectures and interactive sessions) for students enrolled on or graduated from Masters (or equivalent-level clinical) participating courses from different parts of the world.

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International MetaMasters in Phenomenology and Values-based Clinical Care (PVbCC)

May 2021Welcome and Introduction to programmeGuilherme Messas, Ashok Handa, Bill FulfordIntroduction to the programme
June 2021MasterclassGuilherme MessasBrazilIntroduction to Phenomenological Psychopathology and its role in contemporary psychiatry
July 2021MasterclassFulford and Ashok HandaOxford, UKIntroduction to Values-based Practice (VBP) – Values VBP and shared decision-making in contemporary Clinical Care
September 2021MasterclassAnna BergqvistUKMoral Agency: developments in analytic philosophy of values and their applications in mental health care
October 2021MasterclassGiovanni StanghelliniItaly and ChileValues in people with FED (Feeding and Eating Disorders)
December 2021Guest Lecture 1Michael WongHong Kong, ChinaYouth Neuropsychiatry
February 2022Guest Lecture 2Thomas FuchsGermanyBetween psyche and brain
March 2022MasterclassVenerable Hin HungHong Kong, ChinaDharma therapy: Buddhist philosophy and mental health and well being
April 2022MasterclassMichael LoughlinUKConcepts of person-centred care
May 2022Guest Lecture 3TBC
June 2022MasterclassWerdie Van StadenSouth AfricaBatho Pele: African philosophy and values-based practice
July 2022MasterclassTim ThorntonUKTacit Knowledge and clinical judgement: paradoxes for theory; necessities for practice  
September 2022Guest Lecture 4TBC
October 2022MasterclassMarcin MoskalewiczPolandLived time and temporality
November 2022MasterclassAdriano HolandaBrazilPhenomenology as propaedeutics to a clinical Psychopathology
February 2023Guest Lecture 5TBC
March 2023MasterclassAnthony FernandezUSAPhenomenological approaches to psychiatric diagnosis and classification
May 2023Concluding ConferenceGuilherme Messas, Ashok Handa, Bill Fulford and FacultyTBCInclude student presentations